Melbourne’s Top Golf Courses

golf-83870_150 Melbourne is no doubt a wonderful place for playing golf. With hundreds of golf courses, it is no wonder that many hobbyists look for the best in Melbourne – we’re going to list 5 great golf courses for everyone.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Courses

The Royal Melbourne Golf Courses are two of the best golf courses in Melbourne – if not the world. With an average rating of 5 stars, these 18 hole courses are among of the oldest and the best. Both have hosted a number of international events such as the 1970 World Cup and 2011 Presidents Cup. Fees are usually around $80 for entry.

The Huntingdale Golf Club

The Huntingdale Golf Club is another popular golf club in the heart of Melbourne. Huntingdale Golf Club was essentially founded in 1924 and an 18 course was formed in South Oakleigh. It is picturesque and perfect for any beginner to play in a prestigious golf club. Rated highly, the Huntingdale Golf Club has been overly praised for its large clubhouse and beautiful grass. Fees can range from $40 to $80.

Kingston Heath Golf Club

golf-83871_150 Following the trend, the Kingston Heath Golf Club is another 18 hole course based in Melbourne. This beautiful course is ranked 2nd in Australia and 21st in the world. Aside from its golf, Kingston Heath Golf Club is famously known for its wonderful service to visitors – with outstanding guest facilities and near perfect ratings from most hobbyists. Another vital reason that the Kingston Heath Golf Club is popular is because of its wonderful grass quality, despite the harsh weather in Australia.

Peninsula Country Golf Club

The Peninsula Country Golf Club, like the Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a two-course collection. The South is normally rated higher than the North course, although, this is said to be completely down the preference. Both are 18 hole courses and situated in a beautiful part of Victoria. The North is 6107m whilst the South is slightly larger at 6114m.

Eynesbury Golf Course

10 km south of Melton and 15 km north of Werribee is the Eynesbury Golf Course, a beloved 6329m, 18 hole, challenging course. The club prides itself on its facilities such as the restaurant and bistro. This beautiful course is great for an easy day of golf, yet challenging, too.