Golf: What NOT to Wear

Surprisingly, golf is as judgmental as the catwalk. Visit any golf course and you will see what we mean. With the rise of expensive, highly- privatised courses, it is no wonder that even the clothes that you wear whilst playing golf may greatly affect your reputation. Suitable golf clothing is very much similar to suitable restaurant clothing. If you wouldn’t wear it at a restaurant –  don’t wear it at a golf course. Don’t’ worry though – here are some don’t in golf fashion to follow:
tiger-pimp-copyDon’t make a Statement: Yes, golf may be judgmental but that does not mean that it’s all about the clothes. Golf is very much a game of pleasant, social activity; standing out is often something that golfers try to avoid. Why? Because doing so isn’t the correct approach to the game and wearing bright, neon colours won’t win you the game either.

Don’t wear Jeans: Jeans are casual and golf is… well, not jean-suitable. Clothing needs to be practical which is something that jeans do not provide. The fabric may become hot, uncomfortable and leave you with no room to carry guides, maps or balls – it’s not worth the trouble.

hand-30032_150Don’t wear Commercial Clothing: It’s not clearly understood just why this rule is in place but these commercial clothing items can be prohibited on the course. Is it cool? No. Is it golf-suitable? Definitely not.

Don’t wear Thongs: These are not practical in any sense of the word. Walking on grass with flip-flops can be a hassle at home – imagine being drowned in a sea of green with those horrible, flimsy shoes. It may be hot, your feet may be sweaty, but leave them in the car.

Keep your Shirt on: Golf is a game of respect, and it’s simply not respectful to walk around shirtless. We understand that being out in the open can be a perfect opportunity to get your summer tan… but please resist. You don’t go without a shirt in restaurants – so don’t do it at a golf course. Simple.

Don’t advertise another Golf Club when Playing Golf: This should be a no-brainer, yet, it’s all too common. It can be viewed as disrespectful to the club and it may even fall in line with commercial clothing.

Don’t wear Stupid Belts: People need a belt to hold up their trousers – well, that is acceptable. Again, the sport is a gentlemen’s sport (as a figure of speech) and is supposed to be respectable – so do not arrive at a golf course with an oversized, outstanding belt. Yes you can wear a plain belt or a golf belt but not a stupid belt!

Just about all golf courses enforce a golf etiquette and dress code. It’s just apart of the game.