Become A Professional Golf Caddy

golf-122863_150 A golf caddy is someone who companies a golfer, carries equipment and offers advice. It may not seem hard but you will require some knowledge of the sport.

Get to Know Golf: the Rules, the Courses, the Players – Everything

Firstly, get to know the sport. It is not worth becoming a golf caddy if you have no passion for the sport. Before becoming a golf caddy, it is important that you learn the basics – and even further than that. You need to know the rules; you need to know the equipment and most importantly, you need to know the courses.

Learn how to Perfectly Prepare a Golf Bag

The second thing that you will need to know is how to prepare the golf bag. Every golfer has different requirement, but the equipment stays the same. There are multiple types of club and make sure that you are carrying all of the necessary ones.

Focus, Be Patient, Be Positive

golf-72823_150 Stay focused, stay patient, stay happy. This is why you must have passion for golf as chances are, you will be standing and walking for hours on end – it’s just simply how the game works. Your attitude must be positive to ensure that the player is feeling positive, too. It’s not only your job to carry their equipment but it’s also your job to keep a positive attitude on the game.

Always Prepare for Every Eventuality

Be prepared: golf is full of surprises – and in order to be a good golf caddy, you must prepare for these. Weather may take a turn for the worse and you must be prepared. Your player may lose multiple balls and you must be prepared for this. There are dozens of problems that you may face during golf season – be prepared for every possibility – store water, jackets, umbrellas and more.

Follow the N.A.I. code when asking a question or presenting a problem:

N  Is it necessary to ask this? If no, then don’t ask the question.

A  Are you going to annoy the players? If yes, try to find a solution/answer alone.

I Is it important to ask/present this problem now? If no, wait until they are comfortable to speak.

Know the yardages. Give precise direction to where the hole is – not rough ideas. Keep sight of the ball, so that you can direct the players toward it. Also, when walking with the player, walk beside them – not behind them. Follow these directions and you have the potential to become a professional golf caddy.