Entering the world of golf: How to do it.

Golf is a sport loved by many but where do you start? This is a question that a lot of beginner golfers may ask themselves when first trying the sport. Here are some tips that will help you to get started.

Buy Budget Clubs to Begin Golfing

Golf is one of those sports that is either a love or hate relationship, and buying expensive kit to begin with probably isn’t the best way to go. Buying cheap clubs is a great place to begin if you decide that you like the sport then you can progress onto more expensive clubs, such as the mizuno golf clubs.

Take a Few Golf Lessons

Taking lessons can be one of the most viable ways to learn how to play golf, fast. Often you can find lessons around your local area, possibly at golf clubs. There is no right or wrong way to learn – simply, it’s all down to your technique, handicap and natural ability to swing.

Use Practice Facilities before Hitting 18 Holes

It is recommended that you practice on driving courses before playing in a golf course, furthermore, a stick with par three will be much less intimidating as a starting point for most hobbyists. Another great place to practice is… you guessed it: mini-golf courses. It doesn’t sound serious, yet it can be an extremely good place to start – especially due the fact that mini-golf can be all about skill and aim. Golf can be played by anyone with enough determination, classes may be taught individually or in groups.

Learn the Rules of the Game

Learning the rules of golf is one of the most important things that you can do as with any sport, even some of the oldest rules would not be second nature to most beginners, for example: did you know that it is see as common courtesy to not speak when someone is putting? This is why most experts recommend that you train elsewhere before taking to the course. Of course, learning will often take many months before you are up to ‘par’ with others, yet in the meantime a 9 hole golf course is a brilliant introduction to playing golf in public.

Golf: What NOT to Wear

Surprisingly, golf is as judgmental as the catwalk. Visit any golf course and you will see what we mean. With the rise of expensive, highly- privatised courses, it is no wonder that even the clothes that you wear whilst playing golf may greatly affect your reputation. Suitable golf clothing is very much similar to suitable restaurant clothing. If you wouldn’t wear it at a restaurant -  don’t wear it at a golf course. Don’t’ worry though – here are some don’t in golf fashion to follow:
tiger-pimp-copyDon’t make a Statement: Yes, golf may be judgmental but that does not mean that it’s all about the clothes. Golf is very much a game of pleasant, social activity; standing out is often something that golfers try to avoid. Why? Because doing so isn’t the correct approach to the game and wearing bright, neon colours won’t win you the game either.

Don’t wear Jeans: Jeans are casual and golf is… well, not jean-suitable. Clothing needs to be practical which is something that jeans do not provide. The fabric may become hot, uncomfortable and leave you with no room to carry guides, maps or balls – it’s not worth the trouble.

hand-30032_150Don’t wear Commercial Clothing: It’s not clearly understood just why this rule is in place but these commercial clothing items can be prohibited on the course. Is it cool? No. Is it golf-suitable? Definitely not.

Don’t wear Thongs: These are not practical in any sense of the word. Walking on grass with flip-flops can be a hassle at home – imagine being drowned in a sea of green with those horrible, flimsy shoes. It may be hot, your feet may be sweaty, but leave them in the car.

Keep your Shirt on: Golf is a game of respect, and it’s simply not respectful to walk around shirtless. We understand that being out in the open can be a perfect opportunity to get your summer tan… but please resist. You don’t go without a shirt in restaurants - so don’t do it at a golf course. Simple.

Don’t advertise another Golf Club when Playing Golf: This should be a no-brainer, yet, it’s all too common. It can be viewed as disrespectful to the club and it may even fall in line with commercial clothing.

Don’t wear Stupid Belts: People need a belt to hold up their trousers – well, that is acceptable. Again, the sport is a gentlemen’s sport (as a figure of speech) and is supposed to be respectable - so do not arrive at a golf course with an oversized, outstanding belt. Yes you can wear a plain belt or a golf belt but not a stupid belt!

Just about all golf courses enforce a golf etiquette and dress code. It’s just apart of the game.


Become A Professional Golf Caddy

golf-122863_150 A golf caddy is someone who companies a golfer, carries equipment and offers advice. It may not seem hard but you will require some knowledge of the sport.

Get to Know Golf: the Rules, the Courses, the Players – Everything

Firstly, get to know the sport. It is not worth becoming a golf caddy if you have no passion for the sport. Before becoming a golf caddy, it is important that you learn the basics – and even further than that. You need to know the rules; you need to know the equipment and most importantly, you need to know the courses.

Learn how to Perfectly Prepare a Golf Bag

The second thing that you will need to know is how to prepare the golf bag. Every golfer has different requirement, but the equipment stays the same. There are multiple types of club and make sure that you are carrying all of the necessary ones.

Focus, Be Patient, Be Positive

golf-72823_150 Stay focused, stay patient, stay happy. This is why you must have passion for golf as chances are, you will be standing and walking for hours on end – it’s just simply how the game works. Your attitude must be positive to ensure that the player is feeling positive, too. It’s not only your job to carry their equipment but it’s also your job to keep a positive attitude on the game.

Always Prepare for Every Eventuality

Be prepared: golf is full of surprises – and in order to be a good golf caddy, you must prepare for these. Weather may take a turn for the worse and you must be prepared. Your player may lose multiple balls and you must be prepared for this. There are dozens of problems that you may face during golf season – be prepared for every possibility – store water, jackets, umbrellas and more.

Follow the N.A.I. code when asking a question or presenting a problem:

N  Is it necessary to ask this? If no, then don’t ask the question.

A  Are you going to annoy the players? If yes, try to find a solution/answer alone.

I Is it important to ask/present this problem now? If no, wait until they are comfortable to speak.

Know the yardages. Give precise direction to where the hole is – not rough ideas. Keep sight of the ball, so that you can direct the players toward it. Also, when walking with the player, walk beside them – not behind them. Follow these directions and you have the potential to become a professional golf caddy.

Melbourne’s Top Golf Courses

golf-83870_150 Melbourne is no doubt a wonderful place for playing golf. With hundreds of golf courses, it is no wonder that many hobbyists look for the best in Melbourne – we’re going to list 5 great golf courses for everyone.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Courses

The Royal Melbourne Golf Courses are two of the best golf courses in Melbourne – if not the world. With an average rating of 5 stars, these 18 hole courses are among of the oldest and the best. Both have hosted a number of international events such as the 1970 World Cup and 2011 Presidents Cup. Fees are usually around $80 for entry.

The Huntingdale Golf Club

The Huntingdale Golf Club is another popular golf club in the heart of Melbourne. Huntingdale Golf Club was essentially founded in 1924 and an 18 course was formed in South Oakleigh. It is picturesque and perfect for any beginner to play in a prestigious golf club. Rated highly, the Huntingdale Golf Club has been overly praised for its large clubhouse and beautiful grass. Fees can range from $40 to $80.

Kingston Heath Golf Club

golf-83871_150 Following the trend, the Kingston Heath Golf Club is another 18 hole course based in Melbourne. This beautiful course is ranked 2nd in Australia and 21st in the world. Aside from its golf, Kingston Heath Golf Club is famously known for its wonderful service to visitors – with outstanding guest facilities and near perfect ratings from most hobbyists. Another vital reason that the Kingston Heath Golf Club is popular is because of its wonderful grass quality, despite the harsh weather in Australia.

Peninsula Country Golf Club

The Peninsula Country Golf Club, like the Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a two-course collection. The South is normally rated higher than the North course, although, this is said to be completely down the preference. Both are 18 hole courses and situated in a beautiful part of Victoria. The North is 6107m whilst the South is slightly larger at 6114m.

Eynesbury Golf Course

10 km south of Melton and 15 km north of Werribee is the Eynesbury Golf Course, a beloved 6329m, 18 hole, challenging course. The club prides itself on its facilities such as the restaurant and bistro. This beautiful course is great for an easy day of golf, yet challenging, too.

The History of the Golf Club

The world is obsessed with golf; as a hobby (or if you’re lucky enough to play as a career), playing golf gets you out in the fresh air, challenging your friends and making new ones as you play through some of the most beautiful landscapes and destinations in the world. Learning how to play well isn’t easy, but once you’ve mastered the game, you’ll want to get out there and participate rain or shine. So where did this exceptional game come from?

older-lady-72824_640The actual origin of golf is typically debated but it started to gain popularity at the beginning of the 19th century. In looking through its history however there are traces of golf going back to the end of the 1400s in Scotland, and the terms were not always ideal; in 1457 both golf and football were banned by the Parliament, a course of action that was the first written mention of this infectious game. Golf went on to be banned again in 1471 and 1491 s but it seems that its popularity just couldn’t keep it from coming back. A fun fact is that in its beginnings Golf was played in church yards and confined public spaces; sound’s a bit dangerous right? Anyway, it took decades, and several makeovers to be the game we all know and love today.

With the evolution of the game, golf club designs have also changed quite a bit. There are many factors that have affected the way golf clubs were designed with two of the major influences being the ball design and the terrain that golf is usually played on. Long ago, wood was used to create golf clubs, available in a variety of lengths and designs. By the end of the 1870s, iron clubs started to take off and while in the beginning they were fairly crude, in the late 1800s their design and style started to become more intricate. Even the wood clubs became more complex by the time the early 1900s rolled around which meant that golfer’s had more options to choose from and a range of prices for clubs as well.

Designs started to improve once again in the 1980’s with innovative computer software being used to design and customise golf clubs and balls. It is rare to see a professionally made golf club or ball not designed on a computer first these days. Since the 80′s golf clubs have been customised even more, leading to a number of hybrids that have increased the pleasures of playing.

Regulations pertaining to golf clubs have also changed over the years. In the early 1920s the uniform club style was starting to become common. Many of the more eccentric club designs started to get ruled out because they were simply too different from the standard model. The competitive golfing scene demanded a fair playing field and there had to be some sort of model that everyone could use.

One can’t help but imagine what new advancements will be made in coming years in regard to golf accessories and golf club design; it should be exciting!