Advanced Table tennis practice drills

Keeping the ball in play for a long time than your opponent is one of the good strategies in table tennis that you can adopt to win a game. When you are being consistent, your opponent may make errors, and this will score you some default points. You will have to practice on a daily […]

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Golf Rules for the Rest of Us

Golf as a game is handled in many different ways. Some take it as a relaxation on weekends, while some can make it an outdoor activity for hard working corporate professionals. Of course, there is always a group which wants to take this game to a professional level. But as many non-professional players realize, playing […]

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First Golf Blog

There is nothing better than understanding the practical aspects of any new sport, whether golf or any other. Nowadays videos play an important part of blogs, and this video shows exactly how one can learn golf shots better with the help of live demonstrations. This video has been edited with the help of GoPro Hero […]

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Women’s Golf – Putting

Golf is considered as an important sport in the west and has found its ground lately in the world of sports. From learning how to execute short putts to how the golf iron should sit behind the ball. It is very important for an individual to learn the right technique in order to obtain the […]

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Hamilton Island Golf Course, Australia

Golf is a leisurely game. It is commonly played by the well heeled on weekends and off days. Of course, there are also many players who have made this game into their professions. Golf is an expensive sport and one needs to be able to afford the clubs and balls. Having a golf course close […]

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How To Stop Missing Short Putts?

Passion for golf has widely ranging interests- courses and chases, shots, shorts and rules, players and their stories. Whichever might be intriguing to your interests, you can find stuff to view and read a Jefferson Park Golf. We publish articles, informative videos, tutorials and the like for everyone interested in the ball and stick game. […]

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Amazing Golf Trick Shots

Golf is a game which is enjoyed by a large number of the elite all around the world. Two of the major reasons for this are the availability of a golf course and expensive gold clubs. Great international players of this game as Tiger Woods and Greg Norman. In this video, you will be able […]

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Golf Trick Shots

“I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles.” ~ G.K. Chesterton. Different people, different opinions – nevertheless, love for golf has never decreased since its beginning centuries ago. There are a number of golf clubs and associations with passionate members meeting for this club and ball sport. It’s one of those popular international […]

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World Golf Championships

The modern history of golf goes back to the 15th century Scotland, with King James II banning the sport, and afterwards James IV removing the ban and becoming a golfer himself. Today, it’s one of world’s most loved, enjoyed and watched sports, with tournaments taking place between teams, and small personal matches of skill between […]

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First Golf Blog

Golf was believed to be originated in Scotland in the fifteenth century. It’s a very popular sport all around the world where the players with the help of clubs hit the balls into holes created in the ground.  It’s an outdoor game where players need to hit the balls into the nine or eighteen holes […]

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Entering the world of golf!

Golf is a sport loved by many but where do you start? This is a question that a lot of beginner golfers may ask themselves when first trying the sport. Here are some tips that will help you to get started.

Buy Budget Clubs to Begin Golfing

Golf is one of those sports that is either a love or hate relationship, and buying expensive kit to begin with probably isn’t the best way to go. Buying cheap clubs is a great place to begin - if you decide that you like the sport then you can progress onto more expensive clubs.

Take a Few Golf Lessons

Taking lessons can be one of the most viable ways to learn how to play golf, fast. Often you can find lessons around your local area, possibly at golf clubs. There is no right or wrong way to learn - simply, it’s all down to your technique, handicap and natural ability to swing.

Use Practice Facilities before Hitting 18 Holes

It is recommended that you practice on driving courses before playing in a golf course, furthermore, a stick with par three will be much less intimidating as a starting point for most hobbyists. Another great place to practice is... you guessed it: mini-golf courses. It doesn’t sound serious, yet it can be an extremely good place to start - especially due the fact that mini-golf can be all about skill and aim. Golf can be played by anyone with enough determination, classes may be taught individually or in groups.

Learn the Rules of the Game

Learning the rules of golf is one of the most important things that you can do as with any sport, even some of the oldest rules would not be second nature to most beginners, for example: did you know that it is see as common courtesy to not speak when someone is putting? This is why most experts recommend that you train elsewhere before taking to the course. Of course, learning will often take many months before you are up to ‘par’ with others, yet in the meantime a 9 hole golf course is a brilliant introduction to playing golf publically.

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